What I learned In Online Marriage Counseling

online marriage counselingWith the explosion of internet use in the last couple of years many people have started to look towards online marriage counseling as a good alternative to the therapy that your parents may have tried.

Online marriage counseling is a great alternative to traditional therapy. Traditional marriage counseling is really ineffective. In medical circles it is considered one of the least effective therapies… Like seriously… Therapists that work with murders have a better success rate. It’s thought that approximately 18% of couples who seek traditional therapy actually see any results from it. Online marriage counseling is much more up to date than the traditional therapies that therapists may use.

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When I first started looking into inline marriage counseling I felt that my relationship was full of contempt, tension, criticism, and defensiveness. These feeling eventually built up to the point where I just started to completely disconnect from my partner so I could avoid these feelings.

This happened a lot because of the way in I argued with my spouse. Keep in mind that these feelings do not necessarily arise from arguing… But from the way in which we were doing it! Marriages often end because a husband and wife try to avoid skirmishes to avoid these feelings of contempt… but in doing so they distance themselves from each other and the friendship they once had starts to fade. When this friendship starts to vanish you are well on your way towards divorce. I used the Save My Marriage System to learn this info Click Here to learn more!

One method to help you avoid some of the feelings of contempt and defensiveness is to use what people call a soft start-up when a conflict arises. When people fight they often lose sight of what the conflict was in the first place and they end up attacking a persons character to try to ‘win’ the fight. This type of strategy when arguing may feel right at the time… but it can really do a number on your relationship.

online marriage counselingStudies have shown that a soft start-up can really help you because 96 percent of the time… your discussions end on the same note that they started on. Think about that for a second… If you start a conversation with something like, “I feel like you should clean up more…” versus, “You are so lazy, you never help me clean up…” you really set the tone of your whole conversation in a different light.

When you use a term like the first on you are saying the exact same thing as the second quote… but in a much nicer way. This is much more likely to lead you to have a constructive discussion versus one where your spouses feeling gets hurt and they get defensive and withdraw from you.

If you verbally attack your spouse you are probably going to end the conversation in the same light. Online marriage counseling taught me how to constructively voice my concerns and opinions. I learned that if I start my conversations or arguments softly… that they are much more likely to end that way.

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