Online Christian Marriage Counseling

online christian marriage counselingAre you in need of online Christian marriage counseling? Do you feel like your marriage is not all that it can be? Most people do, but they just are at a loss when it comes to the steps that can help them remedy their problems. The teachings of the Bible along with practical exercises can help you get your marriage back on track.

It can be hard to communicate when you are feeling angry, stressed, or resentful. You can reduce these negative feelings by practicing active listening on a daily basis. Active listening works to bring you closer to your spouse… it will heighten the love and trust that you feel for your significant other.

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Do not attempt this during a fight! If you try this technique in the middle of a conflict it often turns into a hurtful conversation. This technique is better when used as a method to strengthen your bond with your spouse rather than when you are airing your grievances with your partner. Online Christian marriage counseling taught me that if done successfully it will help bring you closer and reduce a lot of stress in your marriage.

So what steps should you take to have this conversation?

Step 1: Don’t talk over each other. Take turns being the listener and the speaker.

Step 2: Do not give advice unless you are asked your opinion. If you and your partner are taking about a problem that bothers them and you just spurt out a quick solution, you make them feel as though you are dismissing or trivializing them.

Step 3: Make sure you show interest. Don’t start wandering while your partner is talking. Focus all of your energy on your spouse while they are airing their grievance. Participate in the conversation by making eye contact, nodding, and asking questions when appropriate. I learned all these tips from the Save Your Marriage System. Click Here & Read My Story.

online christian marriage counselingStep 4: Make sure that you let your spouse know that you understand what he/she is saying. It helps when you show understanding and you sympathize and identify with them.

Step 5: Side with your spouse. Even if your spouse is completely off base and you think they are wrong… you need to be supportive. If you disagree with your spouse it is in your best interest NOT to side with their opponent. During this conversation it’s your job to offer support… not judge your spouse.

Step 6: Let your spouse know that you are always going to be there. When you do this you let your spouse know that they will never be alone. Your spouse will feel really close to you because it will always be the two of you together… even if it means taking on the whole world.

Step 7: Show affection towards you spouse. Give them a hug or kiss and let them know that you care. Being affectionate reaffirms your bond and lets your partner know that you love them.

Step 8: Let your partner know that you understand their emotions and feelings. This is a great time to agree with your spouse and let them know how they feel. Say something along the line of “Wow, I can see how that would make you angry,” or “That would make me worry too…” Need more tips? Click Here.

Online Christian marriage counseling has taught me that practicing these six steps really help bring your marriage to the next level. Try to have a conversation like this at least once a day. It really helps you communicate in the long run and builds trust, respect, and love.